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.m. i. c. h. e. l. l. e.

22 December
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[♥]former catholic school girl
[♥]born&raised in queens
[♥]18 years young
[♥]lives for the summer
[♥]good listener
[♥]simply crazy
[♥]grammar whore
[♥]not good at first impressions
[♥]most comfortable in jeans & a t-shirt
[♥]hates goodbyes
[♥](almost)always on time
[♥]forgives but doesn't forget
[♥]likes long car rides
[♥]hates being lied to
[♥]indecisive 90% of the time
[♥]loves late night conversations
[♥]known to give awesome hugs
[♥]college freshman
[♥]brunette goddess

just when you think you've got me figured out,
the season is already changing


I live in Queens, NY. I know what good pizza tastes like and the whole thing is called a pie. I know that a bagel is more then a roll with a hole in the middle. A sandwich is a hero, not a hoagie, sub, wedge, or a grinder, and I drink soda, not pop or cola. 4 am is an early night out. Its never too late to take the fucking train. All good nights must end at a Wendys, and all great nights must end with Cherry Valley. I eat hot dawgs and drink cawfee and wata. I know that 55 mph really means 85. I judge people by what town they come from. I say words like "true" and "mad", not dumb ass words like "WICKED". Our streets are numbered, no catchy names like maple drive. A quiet night is an unusual night. We beach it up we dont go to the shore. I'm from QUEENS and damn proud of it.